What we provide

Socio Economic Survey

Socio-Economic survey is a very development activity. In socio-economic we prepare demographic details, household category wise, population report, education status, land holding and cropping pattern, lives stock details of the village. It tells us about the economic condition that what types of economic activities are coming out by them .

Demographic Stratetics & Survey

Demographic information examples include: age, race, ethnicity, gender, marital status, income, education, and employment. You can easily and effectively collect these types of information with survey questions. ... That means you can split a larger group into subgroups based on, say, income or education level.

Resettlement & Rehabilitation

Resettlement refer to the process of settling again in a new area. Rehabilitation means restoration to the former state. Reasons for displacement of people. Natural disasters like earthquake, cyclones, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, Page 3 prolonged droughts conditions, floods, hurricanes

CSR Implementation

CSR is something that all businesses, big and small, should invest in. Many consumers research a business’s commitment to CSR before they do business with them. In fact, a whopping 90% of consumers would boycott a company if they learned of irresponsible or defective business practices. This highlights just how important CSR is for all businesses.

Land Acquisition

Land Acquisition is the power of the union or a state government in India to acquire private land for the purpose of industrialisation, development of infrastructural facilities or urbanisation of the private land, and to compensate the affected land owners for their rehabilitation and resettlement.

Forest Diversion

Forest land is usually recommended for diversion by state governments for the development of various infrastructure projects or mining, and then given a final approval by the Union Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEF) after having received clearance from the Ministry’s Forest Advisory Committee or the ten Regional Empowered Committees.

Waste Management & House Keeping

Cleaning of general outside area with brooms. Cleaning of drains and septic tanks.Washing / Cleaning of Urinals & Toilets.Sanitation Work & Lifting of Waste Garbage.Providing the services of Plumber for any water related problem & Providing the services of electricity for any electric failure/motor failure.Supply of labours as and when required basis.

Traning Program

Training is a program that helps employees learn specific knowledge or skills to improve performance in their current roles. Development is more expansive and focuses on employee growth and future performance, rather than an immediate job role.

Plantation & Green Belt

Trees form important part of the biosphere in the Eco-system. The ecological belt maintains the natural balance of the area. A green belt of tree plantation around the plant site will help to arrest the particulate matter in the area and hence attenuate the pollution to a great extent.